ITs CoMing…

Did you smell that? The mild whiff of spring in the air

Did you see that? A wee nipple of a daffodil head poking out from the earth

Hold.on, its coming.

Soon we can say goodbye to the box set dramas and late night zoom calls.

Soon we can walk barefoot out to the tent.

Soon we will be laughing round the campfire and all this drag of winter will be behind us.


FLyinG HigH into ouR new YeaR


Its our annual reset button. Its a new beginning, whoopee! Lets celebrate with carrots all round.

Let’s not make any resolutions, (its not what donkeys do.) Let’s learn to fly instead. Fly into our new year, with a fresh determination, with a new perspective on the grassy green field of life.

Soon the pastures will be blooming with wild flowers and scrumptious grass. Lets get through the boggy January, safe in the knowledge that blue skies will come again and spring will be with us in no time at all bringing buttercups and sunshine.

Happy New year everybody! Love Fred xx

Fred is a good neighbour of mine, we hang out and chat shit together. He’s a cool kinda donkey with a good outlook on life.

Did you know that Donkeys have an excellent memory? they can recognise another donkey they met 25 years ago. Cool hey? I’ve only known Fred a while now and he always trots up to see me and gives me a nudge.

They also have highly.developed sense of self preservation, which impresses me about Fred. He knows how to stay out of dangerous situations and will protect others if needed. He is a good pal to have.

If you ever have the opportunity, befriend a donkey, they are so calming to hang out with and they to be around. Good qualities to have in a friend.

PuMP uP the Volume!

The cusp of the new year is almost here. We all look forward to waving a big GOODBYE to 2020 and stepping into a fresh start.      Personally I have had one of the best years of my life. I know that’s not the same for everyone but its all about perspective. Its not what happens to our lives but its how we respond to it. So Keep the volume of your heart high ♥ and step.boldly into the new.

“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind” C. S Lewis

One of my favorite finds this year, a zebra crossing which lights onto it. How cool is that?                                    As we all step into the new of 2021 I hope our paths will.light up along the way.

Out with the old and in with the new xx

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